Asia Reopening for Real: Thailand orienteering holiday within reach?

International travel reopening in Asia - Thailand holiday within reach

Asian countries are implementing or planning policies to reopen international travel, as the COVID-19 pandemic takes toll on the worldwide economy. Thailand and Singapore are among the first countries to implement these policies, while others are actively planning for a reopening by 2021.

Tourism is important for the economies of many Asian countries, and if borders continue to be closed, the consequences would be dire compared to the virus itself. Moreover, with COVID-19 already spreading worldwide, a complete closure of borders no longer works as an effective quarantine. It’s important to allow safe travel in order for the economy to be able to recover.

To reopen tourism, however, is also a political question—how do leaders ensure people are at ease with welcoming tourists again? The bottom line—reopen gradually, boost up with testing, and be strict with quarantine. Beyond that—relax and be ready for travel!


Night lights in Pattaya, Thailand. (Public domain photo)

Being the prime tourist destination of Southeast Asia, Thailand is eager to reaccept international tourism.

In October, Thailand started the Special Tourist Visa for tourists who will stay for at least 90 days, subject to a 14-day quarantine and insurance requirements. The scheme is open to people from countries with low risk of COVID-19, but the government is considering changing the criterion to cities to assess the risk more accurately.

Chinese and European visitors are set to enter Thailand under this scheme. Continuation of the scheme is subject to the first batch having no infections, to ensure local confidence in reopening.

Business travellers from low-risk countries are also welcome as part of the reopening.

Singapore and Hong Kong

On 15 October, the two prime international financial hubs of Asia announced an air travel bubble with each other, heralding a new start in international travel in Asia.

The agreement, once implemented, means travellers from either city no longer have to quarantine on arrival.

Singapore also made an agreement with Germany on resuming travel, outlining COVID-19 test and declaration requirements. Similar agreements with other Asian and European countries are expected to come.

Hong Kong has also been considering similar measures with other countries.


The Land of the Rising Sun is among the more conservative of countries planning for a reopening of general travel, delaying the reopening until April 2021 right before the Summer Olympics as rescheduled. With the Games at stake, the country is considering a system of public health centres in Tokyo to deal with coronavirus symptoms. There will also be testing, insurance and reporting requirements for incoming travellers.

Japan has confirmed business travel agreements with Singapore and South Korea, and agreements with more countries are expected to follow.

Mainland China and Taiwan

Mainland China is not yet planning to reopen for general tourism, with visa for select countries only resumed for work, personal matters, and family reunion.

Taiwan doesn’t have a confirmed plan for reopening yet, although it made an agreement with Japan on reopening business travel.

Thailand Championship on track


The Thailand International Orienteering Championship set for 30 Dec–3 Jan will continue.

Visitors entering through the abovementioned Special Tourist Visa scheme will certainly be able to join, after their 14-day quarantine period. For shorter term visitors, we’re still waiting for the exact terms of travel and quarantine.

Expect something fun during your quarantine in Thailand—stay tuned. Remember, the quota is limited and prices increase with number of runners—you can join the virtual race first, and switch to the physical race later.

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