What is orienteering?

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What is orienteering? With ORIEN.ASIA

Orienteering is a navigation sport that’s closely related to running. Learn more about orienteering with the introduction video below. Orienteering: the navigation sport The sport of orienteering started in Scandinavia in the late 19th/early 20th century. Some runners tested with free route choices between villages, where runners would find their own way with a given […]

General orienteering

Find tours with Urban Adventures

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First, excuse me for the lack of posts recently—I am working on an app which will be launched very soon—stay tuned! ORIEN.ASIA is now an affiliate of Urban Adventures, a tour provider of sustainable local travel in over 90 countries and 1200+ itineraries! Book here: Don’t forget to join the large orienteering events of December—Historical […]