Orienteering Manga: follow a Japanese boy’s WOC dream

Orienteering manga from Japan

We’ve seen orienteering songs and orienteering novels. Now, get ready for orienteering manga!

Meteor and Compass (流星とコンパス) is a manga authored by Yuko Motohashi, and talks about a high school boy working his way towards representing Japan in the World Orienteering Championships. As of 15 February, three episodes of the comic have been published, and read more than 20000 times.

You can read the manga at https://rookie.shonenjump.com/series/X1vJnKZOAw8.

Japan is the first country in Asia to join the International Orienteering Federation (in 1969). It’s also the first in Asia to organise the World Orienteering Championships (in 2005), being one of the only two countries outside Europe to have done so (the other being Australia in 1985). Today, Japan boasts one of the best orienteering teams in Asia, regularly participating in the World Orienteering Championships.

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