Orienteering restarts in Singapore with co-curricular activity

Orienteering is a rapidly growing sport in Singapore. (Archive photo)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it might be a long time before major orienteering events get started again, but orienteering is not just about competitions and events—smaller-scale activities for youth are resuming, at least.

In Singapore, for example, orienteering is restarting with the resumption of co-curricular activities (CCA) last week:

Co-curricular activities (previously called extra-curricular activities) are activities outside normal school hours, and are compulsory for secondary school students. Students can choose from a range of activities offered by their schools, such as scouting, orchestra or sports, as well as orienteering in some schools.

Orienteering activities as extra-curricular activities are also popular in some other Asian places like Hong Kong, where interschool sport competitions are very popular, and the interschool orienteering league there often features fierce rivalries between elite schools.

Orienteering resuming despite limitations


Orienteering activities are restarting in Europe as restrictions in travel and group activities have relaxed, while borders are still largely closed in Asia. Open orienteering activities are however possible in some places like China, where restrictions have relaxed to a point where it’s determined safe for larger events. In other places, restrictions in group activity mean that open competitions have to wait. Travel corridors may provide hope for possible international events.

Although given the continued rate of coronavirus infections it may not yet be safe to resume activities at a larger scale, the resumption of CCA in Singapore nonetheless a good start and we’re hopeful for more resumptions to come.

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