Chinahealth launches home orienteering campaign amid coronavirus epidemic

Chinese families are trapped at home as the coronavirus epidemic ravages. But that doesn’t mean a complete stop in orienteering!

The Shenzhen-based orienteering timing system Chinahealth has launched a home orienteering campaign, in cooperation with clubs all around China. Families are encouraged to draw maps of their homes, set an orienteering course, and share on the live video sharing app TikTok. The winners get a set of Chinahealth punching system.

Coronavirus has put the brakes on many orienteering activities around Asia, including all Hong Kong events in February. Yet there is hope: the rate of increase in cases is slowing down, while more than half of the 80-odd Singaporean cases have now recovered.
It might be possible to consider taking a Singaporean orienteering trip again, but having good hygiene is always a good idea to keep healthy.

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