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BREAKING: Hong Kong cancels all orienteering events in 2020 – here’s what you need to know

Hong Kong is becoming a major orienteering hub as the sport becomes trendier in Asia.

Hong Kong is seeing a resurgence in cases which the media calls “the third wave” of the pandemic. Therefore, the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong has announced the cancellation of all orienteering events in the rest of 2020.

This means that the Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships, originally to take place around Christmas and an important highlight for the local orienteering community, are cancelled this year.

Can I still travel to Hong Kong for orienteering?

Not at this moment – the borders are closed to international travellers at least until mid-September. Even for Hong Kong residents, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine if they return from outside Mainland China, Macau or Taiwan.

What happens after September is not entirely clear yet. While all OAHK events are cancelled, there might still be club events around, subject to restrictions on public group activities. Please pay attention to announcements on travel restrictions.

How will ORIEN.ASIA events be affected?

  • We are reconsidering the arrangements of our events in Hong Kong coming December, and will announce in due course.
  • Indonesian events in November (Jakarta City Race and WRE) are now cancelled. We are continuously updating information on our websites.
  • Thailand events, including Bangkok City Race and Thailand International Orienteering Championship 2020, will continue. You may be able to participate depending on loosening of travel restrictions by the Thai government. Please stay tuned to our newest updates.
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