Keep healthy—protect yourself in Asia

Coronavirus topped the news recently with cases all over the world. Fear not—follow these tips, protect yourself and be safe and sound in Asia.

1. Wear a mask

The coronavirus is transmitted by droplets in the air, from sources such as saliva and sneezes. By wearing a mask, you prevent droplets from entering your respiratory system.

Masks are one-use only and must NOT be reused. Supposed “disinfection” methods claimed to enable reuse are completely false and do not work.

Masks are in short supply all over the world at this moment, but fear not if you can’t get one – other tips are still useful.

2. Wash hands, always!

Your hands touch a lot of things every day, including all the germs that come with them.

Wash your hands with soap on every bit of your hand, fingers and gaps.

Do it at every opportunity: in the toilet, at home, at work, before dining. Wash the germs away.

3. Disinfect with alcohol gel and wipes

Coronaviruses stick to liquids and solids where they reproduce. Use disinfection gels and wipes to reduce the chance of virus contact.

Disinfect the items in your hotel room you may possibly touch, such as table, bed and toilet sink.

It’s happened before—we can get through this


A related coronavirus caused the SARS epidemic in 2003. Hundreds died in Hong Kong alone. Hongkongers have since learned to fear for the worst and step up hygiene.

With the experience of SARS, the world is better prepared for this crisis than in 2003.

Nonetheless, most Hong Kong activities including orienteering events scheduled for February 2020 are mostly cancelled, to be safe than be sorry.

Don’t panic over the coronavirus—be hygienic and be safe.

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