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It’s summer time—now some summer events

It’s June, and Midsummer is fast approaching. Summer in Sweden is cheerful matter—but no laughing matter in East Asia—think of an open-air sauna!

Still, it’s not going to deter Asian orienteers from having summer fun. Here we go with some summer events that recently happened!

1. The many China event maps on ORoute

Xian Chengbin wrote the race evaluation app ORoute—basically a mobile version of QuickRoute—and posted a lot of maps on the ORoute Facebook page! A lot of the maps show just how wonderful the terrain is in China—although he seldom posts photos on that page—but seriously you all need to go in and follow the page!

2. Korea competitions, late May

South Korea is not usually a popular place for international orienteers to go to, since there was usually little English information released. However, they have now improved by releasing a race calendar in English.

Moreover, the Asian Orienteering Championships (AsOC) are going to be in South Korea next year. This means the competitions late in May were attended by quite many international orienteers, among them Hongkongers.

3. Sprint competition in Taiwan


Summer means sprint orienteering in Sweden, and it’s true in Taiwan as well. Like Hong Kong, Taiwan’s orienteering scene is blossoming with many organisations and events, such as TWOA (not to be confused with the federation CTOA) and Moxina. Here, a sprint competition in Taipei just today (2 June):

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