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Hongkongers at World Orienteering Day in Foshan, China

The World Orienteering Day might be officially over. But orienteers (current and new) have got to appreciate the memories, and the joy of orienteering the activities gave them.

John ‘Wangki’ Yuen is one of them. He was in the party of Hong Kong orienteers that went to Foshan, Guangdong, China last weekend for the WOD activity there. Foshan is just a stroll by train or bus from Hong Kong—it’s also where the World Cup Finals will be this October.

The weekend consists of two competitions—a long sprint and a labyrinth. Not a normal labyrinth—it’s mirrored with two competing head-on. Not as simple as it looks—it’s in teams of 3 with each one battling in turn.

Photo: John ‘Wangki’ Yuen (used with permission)

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