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Tropical Orienteering Week now open for entries!

You’d probably have read our promotion for the Tropical Orienteering Week, to be held in Kuantan, Malaysia in October 2019. If you haven’t, here’s your chance to learn more about our first large-scale orienteering event in Asia!

Why Tropical O-Week?

We are continually expanding our promotion and offer for unique orienteering experiences in Asia, a continent where the existence of the sport is not known by even many in the orienteering community worldwide, yet offers unforgettable memories for the orienteers who made it there.

Southeast Asia is a popular region for tourists worldwide to come for holidays. It’s also one of the fastest growing orienteering regions in the world—the sport has set its foot in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, the first of which has even held its first Sprint World Ranking Event (WRE) last year (2018).

Malaysia will be returning with its second and third WREs (both also sprints) in 2019. The second WRE in October will be held in Kuantan, a bustling town on the east coast of Malaysia. To support this occasion, we’ll be organising a Tropical O-Week to enhance and promote the tropical orienteering experience, which you’ll sure want to discover.

The third WRE in December will be held near Kuala Lumpur and we’re exploring the opportunity to cooperate with local organisers and expand to a sprint-focused orienteering week as well.

Teluk Cempedak, near Kuantan, will be part of an orienteering venue we will use for the Orienteering Week (photo: Sihyoong, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Who’s organising?

The Kuantan WRE and National Ranking Event are organised by the POLISAS (Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah), a university college in Kuantan.

Other events in the week will be held by ORIEN.ASIA, led by Raphael Mak, an event organiser with four years of experience in Hong Kong and now living in Sweden.

What events will there be?

There will be 8 events. Check out the schedule and details on the O-Week page!

Is it expensive to get there?

No. Flying to Kuantan costs around €600 return for the O-Week period (search on Skyscanner as of 7 April 2019, departure from Copenhagen Kastrup). Flying to Kuala Lumpur, then taking a 4-hour bus to Kuantan, is likely to be less expensive.

If you’re worried about climate change effects of aviation, you can always take a train to China, then onwards with trains and buses through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia ( has excellent advice on this).

Hotels are very cheap in Kuantan: even the luxury Hyatt Regency Resort at Teluk Cempedak will cost you no more than €100 per night. If you’re not that upscale, you can book a room for €30 to €40 a night at a nice three-star hotel downtown, or even cheaper if you’re going for budget options like hostels.

I’m ready! Where can I sign up?


Have you read the details? Decided? Now sign up at our shop!

Remember that we have limited-time discounts, the first of which will expire already in less than a month!

Tropical Orienteering Week, Kuantan, Malaysia, 4-13 October 2019, 8 races and 4 training maps with 1 World Ranking Event!
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