Singapore starts orienteering ranking league this year!

Ever been to Singapore for orienteering? Not quite a popular competition destination for orienteers (yet), but it’s rising quick among the Asian orienteers!

A ranking league is not only important for the fair comparison of athletes. It can also be a boost to publicity and attract more people to the sport. As a higher level event, ranking events are often opportunities for orienteers across regions to mix and chill, like Hong Kong recently did by designating one of the ranking events as a “Guangdong-HK-Macau Championships”.

This year, Singapore will be joining the ranks of major orienteering nations by starting a ranking league. The first event will be held in April and spread out to 3 days, each day with a different location and format:

If you’re going to be in Singapore that weekend, this is sure to be something you don’t want to miss.

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