Let’s Go Thailand!

We’re proud to partner with Str8, one of the newest and most innovative manufacturers of orienteering compasses! Precision in navigation with Str8 compasses has helped athletes win World Orienteering Championships and other major events.

The coronavirus pandemic is upon us, however it shall not stop us from exploring and keeping fit through orienteering!

Despite World Orienteering Day 2020 not happening, we’ll continue Let’s Go Bangkok+ and Let’s Go ChiangMai+ via mobile virtual orienteering.

The event will start from 13 May, the original starting date of World Orienteering Day today, and run until 13 June.

Explore orienteering in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with mobile orienteering! Be active and healthy with sports!

Details and registration below.

Let’s Go Bangkok+ & Let’s Go Chiang Mai


Digital or physical maps for your own exploration! Get orienteering maps in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Checkpoints will be available all over these two cities (virtual, not physically placed)! Don’t forget to register your checkpoint visit and get points! Top ten participants with highest points will get certificates!

We also have three prizes for the schools/clubs/organisations with the most people participating! (Please input school/club/organisation beside your name when registering)

Prices start from 99 THB (around 3 euros), see event page for all pricing.

The event will use virtual mode, which means you stay at your home to play the courses and punch controls! You move around using street view and punch when you’ve arrived at the marker. You get extra points with quiz questions.

(Start and end dates may change if necessary.)


  1. The event is score orienteering, i.e. you choose your own order of visiting the checkpoints.
  2. You use the street view provided in the app to control your movement throughout the cities. You don’t need to visit Thailand personally to participate.
  3. You may answer the additional questions posed at some of the checkpoints, which gives you more points with a correct answer.
  4. You may play more than once, but your score will be overwritten irrespective of whether it’s higher or lower.
  5. The score of your last attempt as of 13 June 2020 shall be your final result.
  6. Multiple runners with the same score shall be resolved by the time elapsed of finishing the race.
  7. The total score is Bangkok and Chiang Mai courses combined, so best to join both courses!


  • One individual prize (Str8 compass) to the one with
  • One group prize (discount coupon TBC)

Let’s Go Bangkok+ in schools

Contact us (info@metrunner.com) to arrange a school orienteering event.

You can use metrunner to organise an orienteering activity on mobile, it’s free!

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