Standard customer contract for ORIEN.ASIA travel packages sold in the European Economic Area (EEA)

in accordance with the Package Tour Law (Paketreselagen) of 20 June 2018 (SFS 2018:1217), Kingdom of Sweden

between Metrunner AB doing business as ORIEN.ASIA (we) and the customer (you):

This contract is applicable for:

  • Travel packages sold directly by Metrunner AB, or
  • Travel packages sold by a company outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and resold by Metrunner AB within the EEA

Packages carried out in Asia under the brand name of ORIEN.ASIA fall into the second category, unless otherwise stated.

The relevant laws shall be the laws of Sweden, in particular:

Package Tour law (Paketreselagen) of 20 June 2018, 2018:1217 (

Tour Guarantee law of (Resegarantilagen) of 20 June 2018, 2018:1218 (

which are in turn based on Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements, as adopted by the European Parliament and of the Council on 25 November 2015 (

All references to the text of the laws in this contract, as translated to English, are for reference only. The Swedish version of the legal texts shall prevail.

In case of dispute in relation to this contract, the laws of Sweden shall apply, and the law courts of Sweden are the competent judiciary.

1. Tour organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the packet tour contract is completed.

  • Seller/Re-seller: Metrunner AB, Larsbergsvägen 7 lgh 1113, 18138 Lidingö, Sweden
  • (Phone: +46 (0) 763470413, Email:

We guarantee that, in the case of packages offered by ORIEN.ASIA, we shall provide the following services, and in the case of packages offered by a seller outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and resold by us within the EEA, the package provider shall provide the following services:

  • Entry to competition(s) / activities stated in the package
  • Room(s) at the official hotel, which you choose to purchase
  • Other souvenirs and additional services that we offer

Packages do not include (unless explicitly stated to be included):

  • Travel insurance
  • Travel to and from venue
  • Meals, except when provided by the abovementioned hotel without additional cost

The main seller of packages in Thailand is VSANO Co., Ltd 33/3 moo 2 Kanchanapisek (Hwy.9), Khlong-Phra-Udom, Lat-Lum-Kaeo District, Pathum thani, THAILAND 12140, unless otherwise stated. The seller differs from country to country and will be stated on each event sale page.

2. Tour organiser’s liability to provide assistance.

If you should require any assistance related to the package tour, please contact us (the re-seller) using the contacts listed above.

We and the package provider will assist you in all matters within our control, in accordance with this contract and relevant laws.

3. Traveller’s responsibility to inform the tour organiser without delay, in case of error in the packet tour (complaint), if he or she would like to refer to such an error.

Please inform us if there is an obvious error on the promotion materials.

4. How the organiser can be contacted, if the traveller would like to ask for assistance or to complain.

Please email

5. Who is responsible for the tour guarantee according to the travel guarantee law (resegarantilagen, 2018:1218)

According to the tour guarantee law of Sweden, Metrunner AB (as the seller of a tour package, or as the re-seller of the tour package organised by a company based in a non-EU/EEA country) is responsible for the travel guarantee.

We have therefore lodged a travel guarantee at the Kammerkollegiet so that, in case of the service provider(s) closing down, you will get compensation.

6. How an underage traveller can be contacted, if the underaged travels without parents or some other responsible person and it is a tour that includes accommodation.

A representative of Metrunner AB will be in Chiang Mai during the tour dates for technical support and assistance. Please contact the representative at or +46 (0) 763470413.

7. Organiser’s routines for processing complaints and which possibilities exist to process a dispute outside of court.

Upon receiving a complaint, we shall endeavour to provide a reply to you within 3 working days (Monday to Friday, except public holidays of Sweden).

If you are not satisfied with the reply, you may lodge a complaint to the Swedish consumer rights bureau (Konsumentverket,

8. Traveller’s right to transfer the contract to another traveller, or cancel the contract.

According to the relevant Swedish laws, you have the right to transfer the contract to another traveller seven days before the start of the package tour.

Moreover, you have the right to cancel the contract and request refund.

Please note that we (the re-seller) may charge you an amount for doing so. The exact amount is the one as announced on the website of ORIEN.ASIA when you make the transfer request.

In case of refund, we will charge an amount equal to the hotel room cost (unless otherwise stated), plus other expenses that will be listed on the event sale page.