Asia travel service: stand out from the crowd with a unique club trip!

Want a different orienteering holiday for your club? Want to stand out from the crowd when everyone goes to Spain? Come to Asia for orienteering!

Asia is one of the fastest growing orienteering regions outside of Europe. Come for a tremendously different orienteering experience than Europe!

We can help you plan everything

  • Travel consultation service 99 euro only per case, pay once only for the whole club! (special prize for limited time only)
  • With this service we can help you plan all the itineraries and suggest what to do, complete with training and competition opportunities, with expert directions!
  • Flights and hotels at low prices (+5% service fee only). We have access to cheaper flights than airlines’ websites, through online partners (Travelpayouts, AirTickets24 etc.)!

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Price example for 5 people:

Consultation 99 euro
Flight ticket (Europe to Hong Kong return) 500 euro x 5 = 2500 euro (+5% service fee 125 euro)
Hotel 6 nights 60 euro x 5 x 6 = 1800 euro (+5% service fee 90 euro)
Total = 4614 euro (922,8 euro per person)

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