August orienteering heatwave continues

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The summer heat is not over yet—not the orienteering heatwave either. The World Orienteering Championships are upcoming in Norway. Then comes the Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships in Japan. But there are much more going on in Asia just now: 1. Newer orienteering nations step up in national teams Nations like Malaysia and Singapore […]

China (mainland)

Competition Announcement of “Looking for Beautiful China” 2019 National Tourism City Orienteering Series Yangzhou Station

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1.Organizers Aviation radio model sport management center, general administration of sport of China Radio and orienteering association of china 2.Contractor Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City Management Committee 3.Supporter Yangzhou Administration of Radio,Television and Tourism 4.Executor  Yangzhou Classic Sports Culture Development co. LTD 5.Date and location of competition (1)Date: Aug 24,2019(Saturday) (2)Location:Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City Marco Polo Flower Ocean […]